0.2 Your Brand, Your Course: Think Ahead

🌟 Why Your 3Vs Matter!

Hey Course Creators! As we embark on this transformative journey to craft your game-changing course, let’s focus on something that will serve as the heartbeat of your course—your brand’s Vision, Voice, and Visuals.

These are your brand’s 3Vs, and they’re incredibly important for a variety of reasons:

  1. Clarity & Consistency: Solidifying these elements ensures that your course and brand sing the same tune. Each module or lesson should be a reflection of your brand’s essence.
  2. Deep Connection: When your vision, voice, and visuals are in harmony, they become more than just individual parts. They form a cohesive narrative that forges a deep connection with your audience.
  3. Stand Out: In a market saturated with options, your unique 3Vs can make you memorable. They help you rise above the noise and become more than just another course creator.

🌟 Vision, Voice, & Visuals

Vision: Your Guiding Light

Your vision is what propels your course creation process. It’s the larger goal, the transformation you aim to bring about. A clear vision acts as a beacon that guides you along the right path.

Voice: Your Unique Soundtrack

This is how your vision takes form through words. Your voice—be it authoritative, friendly, or motivational—should echo throughout your course content. It’s the unique linguistic identity that your audience will come to recognize and trust.

Visuals: More Than Meets the Eye

From your course slides to promotional materials, your visuals should echo your vision and voice. Consistency in colors, typography, and imagery can make your course not just educational but aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

🌟 Unveil Your Brand’s 3Vs: Vision, Voice & Visuals

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🌟 The Unifying Force: Brand Pillars

Once you’re in tune with your 3Vs, you can weave them together through your brand pillars. These core principles and values are what make your course a unified, cohesive experience for your students.

Your brand’s 3Vs serve as your roadmap in this course creation journey. The more detailed your roadmap, the smoother the journey will be. That’s where the BrandStorm Workbook comes in as an invaluable tool—it helps you really dial in on your unique 3Vs.