Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer

I. Next Steps: Prioritize and Propel Your Course Forward


To equip you with the tools and perspective needed to strategically prioritize and implement the most impactful enhancements to your course, ensuring thoughtful progression and meaningful results.

Note: You are now accessing the full “Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation” — a comprehensive resource for enhancing your online course. Enjoy your journey to excellence!

Strategic Action

Crafting Your Course’s Blueprint

Crafting Clarity from Insights

Having meticulously navigated the self-audit of your course orientation, you’re now at a pivotal stage: translating your findings into a clear, actionable roadmap.

This step is about more than sorting through notes; it’s about strategic prioritization and understanding that not all edits require immediate action. The art of this process lies in discerning which changes will yield the most significant impact on your course’s experience.

Prioritizing Your Enhancements

  • Tag and Categorize: Systematically tag your notes and categorize the insights.
  • Effort vs. Impact: Use an effort vs. impact analysis to guide your decision-making.
  • Phased Implementation: Remember, strategic improvements can be phased over time; not everything needs to be addressed at once.

Maximizing Impact

Your next move is crucial—select edits that promise the greatest enhancement to your clients’ experience. This selection process is where strategic action comes to the forefront. If you’re ready to delve deeper into the sorting and prioritizing, now is the perfect time to enlist expert guidance.

Expert Guidance on Demand

  • 90-Minute Strategy Call: Schedule a call to review your list together, ensuring you focus on high-impact actions.
  • Audit Intensive Day: Consider an intensive review day to kickstart your course’s transformation. It begins with a two-hour call, followed by a deep dive into your course by me, and concludes with a follow-up call to discuss the findings and your personalized audit report and roadmap.

This stage is a call to action—strategic action. Reflect on the Course Audit process we’ve undertaken together, harness the insights, and prepare to elevate your course with precision and vision. Whether you choose to navigate this step independently or with professional support, remember that strategic implementation is key to long-term success.



Course experience design isn’t just about imparting knowledge;
it’s about crafting a journey that resonates, inspires, and sticks.

It’s about transforming every module, every interaction into an opportunity for growth and engagement. When you design with the learner in mind, you’re not just building a course; you’re creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint, motivating and moving your participants towards not just completion, but mastery and fulfillment.

Using The Audit Checklist with the Downloadable Google File

The downloadable Google document is provided to keep a running record of your thoughts, notes, and feedback during the audit. It’s a dynamic space for capturing everything that comes to mind as you review each aspect of your course.

Access Google Doc Now

Note on Scheduling Pre-Paid Strategy Calls

If you’ve purchased Strategy Calls along with the “Course Audit Step-by-Step Guide” course, please remember to use the pre-paid link provided in your confirmation email to schedule your calls. This ensures your session is recognized as part of your package.

Misplaced the email or need assistance? No worries! Just drop a message at, and I’ll help you get your calls scheduled promptly. Your journey towards an exceptional course is important, and I’m here to support every step of the way.

Elevate Your Course in Just 45-Minutes

  • Focused and Fast-Paced: In this 45-minute Insight Exchange Call, we’ll pinpoint specific areas of your course that need immediate attention and strategize quick wins to enhance your course’s effectiveness and participant engagement.
  • Personalized Insight: Get expert, tailored advice that targets your unique challenges and goals, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Deep Dive with a 90-Min Strategy Call

  • Comprehensive Analysis: This 90-minute call is an intensive session designed to dissect your course structure, content, and delivery. Together, we’ll craft a detailed roadmap for transformation and long-term success.
  • Action-Oriented Planning: Walk away with a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your vision and objectives, ensuring you’re equipped to elevate your course and provide a standout learning experience.

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