Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer

F. Refining the Course Roadmap


To critically assess and improve the Course Roadmap, ensuring it clearly outlines key milestones and components, and effectively communicates expected workloads and participation targets to participants.

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Clarifying the Journey Ahead

Defining Milestones and Expectations

The Course Roadmap is a crucial tool in setting expectations and guiding participants through the course. It acts as a navigational chart, showing the major milestones and what’s expected in terms of workload and participation.

This audit focuses on ensuring that the roadmap is not only informative and comprehensive but also motivating and clear, providing participants with a solid understanding of the journey ahead.

Audit Action Items

  1. Clarity of Milestones and Key Components

    • Audit Point: Evaluate the presentation of key milestones and components in the roadmap. Are they clearly defined, easy to understand, and logically organized?
    • Guidance: Ensure each milestone is clearly marked and described. Use visual elements like timelines or diagrams to enhance understanding. Provide context for why each milestone is important and how it fits into the larger course objectives.
  2. Communication of Workloads

    • Audit Point: Assess how the roadmap communicates the expected workload. Is it clear what participants will need to do, how much time they should expect to dedicate, and when?
    • Guidance: Provide realistic estimates of time commitments for each section of the course. Be transparent about the intensity and type of work required, and suggest how participants might integrate the workload into their schedules.
  3. Setting Participation Targets

    • Audit Point: Examine how the roadmap sets targets for participation. Are these targets realistic and clearly communicated? Do they encourage active engagement without being overwhelming?
    • Guidance: Set clear, achievable goals for participation, whether it’s completing assignments, contributing to discussions, or collaborating on projects. Encourage regular engagement and provide benchmarks for participants to gauge their progress.
  4. Flexibility and Personalization

    • Audit Point: Consider the flexibility of the roadmap. Does it allow for personal pacing or adjustments based on individual needs?
    • Guidance: While maintaining structure, offer guidance on how participants can adapt the roadmap to fit their personal learning pace. Suggest ways to catch up if they fall behind or dive deeper into topics of interest.
  5. Feedback and Iteration

    • Audit Point: Evaluate the mechanisms for gathering feedback on the roadmap’s effectiveness. Are participants able to provide insights into how it’s guiding their learning journey?
    • Guidance: Implement a method for participants to give feedback on the roadmap’s clarity and usefulness. Regularly review and update the roadmap based on this feedback to ensure it remains an effective guide.

By focusing on these key areas, you can ensure that your Course Roadmap effectively guides participants through the learning journey. A clear, comprehensive, and well-communicated roadmap is essential in setting the stage for a successful and engaging course experience, helping participants understand what’s expected and how they can navigate the course to achieve their learning goals.



Course experience design isn’t just about imparting knowledge;
it’s about crafting a journey that resonates, inspires, and sticks.

It’s about transforming every module, every interaction into an opportunity for growth and engagement. When you design with the learner in mind, you’re not just building a course; you’re creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint, motivating and moving your participants towards not just completion, but mastery and fulfillment.

Using The Audit Checklist with the Downloadable Google File

The downloadable Google document is provided to keep a running record of your thoughts, notes, and feedback during the audit. It’s a dynamic space for capturing everything that comes to mind as you review each aspect of your course.

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