Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer

A. Ensuring Effective Navigation Overview in Onboarding


To critically assess and enhance the navigation overview provided to new participants during the onboarding process, ensuring it’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and sets the stage for a successful course experience.

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Optimizing Navigation Overview in Onboarding

Facilitating a Smooth and Informed Entry for New Participants

The onboarding process sets the stage for participant engagement by introducing the course structure and navigation. It’s essential that this introduction is clear, intuitive, and accessible to all participants.

Audit Action Items:

  1. Clarity of Onboarding Navigation Instructions
    • Audit Point: Assess the roadmap provided during onboarding for its clarity and detail. Are all key sections and tools clearly outlined?
    • Guidance: Employ visual aids and interactive elements to make the overview informative yet concise, ensuring participants understand the course layout.
  2. Intuitiveness of Initial Navigation Experience
    • Audit Point: Review the ease with which new participants can move from onboarding to active engagement.
    • Guidance: Simplify the transition, ensuring a direct and understandable path to the start of their learning journey.
  3. Accessibility and User-Friendliness
    • Audit Point: Confirm that instructions are comprehensible for a diverse audience, including those with varying levels of tech familiarity.
    • Guidance: Use plain language and supportive visuals, and consider various learning and accessibility needs to cater to all participants.
  4. Consistency and Update Checks
    • Audit Point: Ensure the navigation overview is accurate and reflects the most current course layout and tools.
    • Guidance: Regularly review and update the onboarding content to maintain consistency and relevance, adjusting as the course evolves.
  5. Feedback Mechanisms for Onboarding
    • Audit Point: Investigate how participants can communicate their experiences or suggest improvements during or after onboarding.
    • Guidance: Provide an easy method for feedback, like a brief survey or forum, and actively use this input to refine the onboarding experience.

By prioritizing these areas, the onboarding process will effectively familiarize participants with the course, fostering a seamless and engaging start to their learning experience.



Course experience design isn’t just about imparting knowledge;
it’s about crafting a journey that resonates, inspires, and sticks.

It’s about transforming every module, every interaction into an opportunity for growth and engagement. When you design with the learner in mind, you’re not just building a course; you’re creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint, motivating and moving your participants towards not just completion, but mastery and fulfillment.

Using The Audit Checklist with the Downloadable Google File

The downloadable Google document is provided to keep a running record of your thoughts, notes, and feedback during the audit. It’s a dynamic space for capturing everything that comes to mind as you review each aspect of your course.

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