Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation

Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

Founder @ Hubrex Designs & Café
Fractional Chief Learning Officer

Welcome to Your
Course Audit
Preparation Guide

This guide serves as your companion as you embark on the journey of reviewing and enhancing your course.

Note: You are now accessing the full “Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation” — a comprehensive resource for enhancing your online course. Enjoy your journey to excellence!


Getting Setup to Start Your Course Audit

0. Guided Course Review: Your Audio-Visual Companion

  • This online course, primarily delivered through instructive audio within a video format, is designed to be your guiding companion.
  • As you progress, keep your notes document handy for annotations and reflections. 
  • Listen to the audio as you navigate through your course, pausing the video as necessary to engage deeply with the material and apply insights.

1. Setting Up Your Space

  • Open your course on one screen or split your monitor window to simultaneously view your course and this Course Audit guide and/or your Notes document open on the other half of your screen; You may want to print out the Notes document if your screens not large enough to split the screen with two windows.

Tip: Use a journal or notebook to record your observations if that suits your style better.

2. Planning Your Time

  • Block out focused time and set a goal for how many audit steps (a total of 9 steps, including reflection and next steps) you’ll complete in each session.
  • Consider doing a cursory review of all steps initially, then revisiting steps that need extra attention later.
  • Balance your available time with the depth of review you aim to achieve.

3. Initial Review and Reflection

  • I recommend after completing steps 1-6 you take a break. If you prefer, jot down some initial reflections, then step away for a day or two.
  • Returning with fresh eyes is invaluable and often reveals new insights.

4. Creating Your Edit List

  • Create your list of potential edits, categorizing and prioritizing tasks for the immediate future and for longer-term planning. Map out a timeline for making those edits that aligns with your next course launch
  • Make note of any aspects you might need external help with, such as video creation or graphic design, to aid in budgeting and planning.

5. Celebrate Your Effort

  • Acknowledge the hard work you’ve put into this self-review. It’s a significant step many shy away from, preferring third-party evaluations.
  • Celebrate your dedication to improving your course!

6. Begin Implementing Changes

  • Start making the identified enhancements. It’s okay, and actually recommended, that you do not make all the edits before your next launch. Be strategic!
  • Allow for flexibility to accommodate any unforeseen delays.

7. Concluding Your Audit

  • Congratulate yourself once more for undertaking this detailed course audit.
  • Your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is commendable.

Additional Tips and Personal Insights

Maintaining a Course Journal:

  • Keeping a detailed journal or notebook for each course can be incredibly valuable. Not only does it serve as a record of real-time observations and updates, but it also helps track long-term changes and feedback, much like a software’s version history.

Program-Wide Reflection:

  • If auditing an entire program, repeat this process for each course, then synthesize your findings to understand both the individual components and the overall structure. This holistic view is where consulting with an expert can be particularly beneficial.

Final Note:

  • Regular audits, ideally every 1.5-3 years (at a minimum) by a third party, ensure your course remains current, effective, and engaging.
  • This fresh perspective is key to uncovering hidden challenges and enhancing the learning experience for all participants.



Course experience design isn’t just about imparting knowledge;
it’s about crafting a journey that resonates, inspires, and sticks.

It’s about transforming every module, every interaction into an opportunity for growth and engagement. When you design with the learner in mind, you’re not just building a course; you’re creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint, motivating and moving your participants towards not just completion, but mastery and fulfillment.

Using The Audit Checklist with the Downloadable Google File

The downloadable Google document is provided to keep a running record of your thoughts, notes, and feedback during the audit. It’s a dynamic space for capturing everything that comes to mind as you review each aspect of your course.

Access Google Doc Now

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Rolling out the red carpet in your course’s orientation isn’t just a gesture, it’s a promise.
It’s about setting the stage for an exceptional learning experience where every detail is crafted with care. From the first click to the final lesson, make your participants feel like honored guests, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of growth and discovery.

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