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Course Audit:
Step 1 Course Orientation

Unlock the ultimate first impression with “Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation,” a audit guide tailored to revolutionize your welcome and orientation process. Designed with your 2024 goal in mind, this course will help you ensures every participant feels guided and valued from the moment they start.

Dive into expert strategies and tools that transform your course’s entry into a red-carpet experience, leaving participants confident and excited. Join me in setting a new standard for course introductions, and make feeling lost a thing of the past.

A smile is the universal welcome.

Max Eastman

Welcome to Your Course Audit Journey:
Step 1 Course Orientation!

I’m excited to help guide you through this structured process for comprehensively evaluating and enhancing your online course. By taking an iterative approach to auditing all aspects of your course and/or program, we will uncover key opportunities to increase engagement, retention, and outcomes.

Understanding the Value of a Course Audit

Embarking on a Course Audit is essential for regularly reflecting on and enhancing your online course. It’s not just about reviewing; it’s about deeply understanding the participant experience and making meaningful improvements. By regularly pausing to assess, you align more closely with your course’s core objectives and your clients’ needs.

The Importance of Step 1: Course Orientation

Starting with Course Orientation is crucial. This initial interaction lays the groundwork for trust and sets the tone for the entire learning journey. By focusing on a welcoming and impactful orientation, you show your commitment to participant success from the very beginning.

Navigating Beyond Orientation: Further Audit Steps

  • Course Material
  • Course Experience
  • Participant Engagement
  • Course Design
  • Measurement
  • Course Audit Reflection

Commitment to Excellence & Trust

Through this comprehensive audit process, you’ll gain actionable insights and a roadmap for elevating your course. It’s more than improvement; it’s about continuously evolving and reinforcing a bond of trust and quality with every participant.


The 7 Step Audit Sequence

When auditing a course and/or program, I start by taking a phased approach across seven key areas:

  1. Course Orientation
  2. Course Materials
  3. Learner Experience
  4. Participant Engagement
  5. Course Design
  6. Outcome Measurement
  7. Audit Reflection

Each step has a detailed checklist of components to review against best practices. We objectively document discoveries, insights, and possibilities for innovation.  

The Audit Reflection

Upon completing the audit process, it’s vital to dedicate time to thoughtfully reflect on all documented discoveries and insights uncovered across each checklist.

I recommend that you synthesize learnings into an at-a-glance overview outlining: 

  • Strengths: Elements successfully executed
  • Weaknesses: Gaps needing enhancement
  • Opportunities: Fresh ideas for implementation
  • Participant Feedback: Constructive suggestions from participant perspectives

This bird’s eye perspective will allow you to celebrate current wins and boldly confront shortfalls. It informs strategic road mapping for modifications weighted by relevance and impact. 

Let’s connect to discuss how the results from this structured course audit process can transform your course/program to the next level. I look forward to guiding you through each insightful phase of the journey ahead.

Let’s get started by completing the Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation process together.

Disclaimer: Preliminary Self-Course Audit

Please note that this guide serves as an initial self-audit tool, intended to help you start evaluating and improving your online course independently. While it provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and enhancing your course, it is not a substitute for a professional, in-depth course/program audit.

This self-audit is a crucial first step if you’re considering the investment in a Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO). It will help you gain a clearer understanding of your course’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for development, setting the stage for a more fruitful and targeted collaboration.

While this guide offers valuable insights, remember it doesn’t encompass the depth and range of a full professional audit. After completing this self-audit, if you believe your course could benefit from a deeper analysis and expert guidance, consider scheduling a call. This is your chance to discuss potential enhancements and strategies specifically tailored to your course.

Note:  My services may be booking weeks in advance, but I don’t want you to wait passively. Use this self-audit as an active step to prepare your course for our deeper collaboration. It’s about making informed, impactful changes now so that when we start working together, your course is primed for elevation. 

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Sailing much like the USS Mount Hood (AE-29), the very ship I called home for three years, I understand the transformative journey from dry dock to open seas. Courses, akin to vessels, may occasionally find themselves docked, beset with challenges that limit their voyage to success.

My role? I’m the seasoned captain and strategist, diagnosing your course’s challenges, charting a course from the red oceans of competition to the blue oceans of boundless opportunity. With a custom-crafted plan, streamlined by savvy automation tools, your course will set sail once more, sleeker, more robust, and primed to captivate clients anew.

Together, we’ll navigate the waters of online learning, leveraging my expertise to calibrate your course’s true north. From assessing its current bearings to prescribing impactful optimizations, I am here to guide your journey from the stillness of the dock to the exhilarating promise of uncharted waters.

Sarah J. Huibregtse

Course experience design isn’t just about imparting knowledge;
it’s about crafting a journey that resonates, inspires, and sticks.

It’s about transforming every module, every interaction into an opportunity for growth and engagement. When you design with the learner in mind, you’re not just building a course; you’re creating an experience that leaves a lasting imprint, motivating and moving your participants towards not just completion, but mastery and fulfillment.

Your go-to Fractional CLO partner for dynamic direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands with a vision. I specialize in crafting elite online course experiences, ensuring every participant feels the red-carpet treatment and experiences unmatched quality in your courses and programs. Operating from the Greater Cleveland area in Ohio and reaching clients worldwide, I’m dedicated to elevating your courses, wherever you are.


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