🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 This survey is part of Dr. Sarah’s Upcoming Workshop Series & Spring 2024 Creative Problem Solving course for the John Carroll University Entrepreneurship program. Anticipate ongoing edits throughout the semester.

Thanks for your valuable input now; we might reach out for your insights again later! Stay tuned for updates. 😊✨

2024 Survey Updates & Tracking
  • 24-02-04 Version 1.2 – Moved survey intro paragraph to top of page rather than this section. Reordered a couple questions for better presentation, and reworded for clarity the “something else” option for questions that allow for extra details to be provided on the next page. [ @12:30pm Eastern = 15 Views / 4 Entries ]
  • 24-02-03 Version 1.1 – Key glitch, actually a limitation of free version of conversational survey tool, so a note was added to the survey introduction. Posted to socials with a survey specific image (LinkedIn, FB Personal, FB HD&C Business Page, a FB Networking Group, Instagram). [ @10:30am Eastern = 13 Views / 2 Entries ]
  • 24-02-02 Version 1.0 – Launched and posted on Dr. Sarah’s social accounts (LinkedIn, FB Personal, FB HD&C Business Page, a FB Networking Group, Instagram, plus sent a few personal text messages)

Dr. Sarah J Huibregtse is your go-to Fractional Chief Learning Officer (fCLO) partner for dynamic direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-business (BTB) brands with a service-based vision. I specialize in Performance Analysis and Architecting Gold Standard Course Experiences, ensuring every participant feels the Red Carpet Treatment and experiences unmatched quality in your courses and programs. Operating from the Greater Cleveland area in Ohio and reaching clients worldwide, I’m dedicated to elevating your courses, wherever you are.

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