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🎉 Embrace the Future with Course Experience Design (CED) Tiny Courses 🎉

Embark on a groundbreaking 2024! 🌟 We’re thrilled to introduce our ‘Course Experience Design (CED) Tiny Courses.’ These compact, month-long courses are tailored to transform the experiences you offer your clients or participants. Aiming to enhance engagement, solidify understanding, or simply add excitement to your offerings? Our Tiny Courses are your gateway to success. 🚀📘

As we put the final touches on these innovative offerings, we invite you to be part of the evolution from the very beginning. Join the #DesignForward Insiders now and be the first in line for exclusive promotions and early release details throughout the year. 📝✨ Commit to elevating your course experiences in 2024. It’s time to inspire and engage like never before!  💫

Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation

Elevate Your Entry - Red Carpet Course Welcome
Unlock the ultimate first impression with "Course Audit: Step 1 Course Orientation," a course tailored to revolutionize your welcome and orientation processes. Designed with your 2024 goals in mind, this course will help ensure every participant feels guided and valued from the moment they start your course.

Dive into expert strategies and tools that transform your course's entry into a red-carpet experience, leaving participants confident and excited. Join me in setting a new standard for course introductions, and make feeling lost a thing of the past.

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Business Booster Survey: Share Your Personal Growth Journey

Take a couple minutes to share the magic behind your personal and professional development journey through any type of content, course and program.

Web Development for the Non-Web Developer

🌟 Anticipation is building for 2024! 🌟 Our comprehensive course “700 Web Development for the Non-Web Developer” is being polished to perfection and will debut next year! Are you a course creator, instructional technologist, marketing specialist, content strategist, blogger, social media manager, digital journalist, graphic designer, virtual assistant, or an entrepreneurial spirit eager to master the digital realm? 🎩✨ This course is meticulously crafted with you in mind! No need for magic wands—your passion and curiosity are the keys to unlocking the potential of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editors. 🖥️✨ So, if you’re ready to embark on a transformative digital journey, send us a message to join the waitlist! Be the first to know when we go live and let’s make 2024 the year you dazzle the web! 💻🚀🌟 Enjoy the anticipation and stay tuned for an exciting learning experience! 🎓🎉

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